Nigeria: 2,700 Nigerians in Libyan Deportation Camps – Envoy

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Lagos — Nigeria's Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Libya, Isa Mohammed, said on Monday in Abuja that 2,700 illegal Nigerian immigrants were currently in various deportation camps in Libya.

He told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that Nigerians who entered Libya illegally would be deported as soon as arrangements were concluded.

Mohammed said the arrangement would be based on the Libyan government's readiness to begin the deportation process.

He said seven out of 14 Nigerians on the death row in Libya were convicted for killing fellow Nigerians.

Mohammed also dispelled the notion that non-availability of Libyan Consular in Nigeria was responsible for the mass exodus of illegal Nigerians to that country.

"This should not pose any problem for someone who has genuine business intentions.
"Somebody who intends to import 20 to 50 girls from Nigeria, one of the highest illicit trades, which they do frequently, does not go through any proper process, even if Libya has a Consular in Nigeria," he added.

The envoy said the deals were often conducted over the phone. "Those who engage in the trade will carry girls and hand them over to other Nigerians living illegally in Libya, who in turn pay for the girls.

"They now put them into prostitution in order to recoup their money and also make more profit," he said.

Mohammed explained that the girls, having paid for such money through prostitution, often times were left to also earn their living through the same process or they return to Nigeria.