South African Institute of International Affairs (Johannesburg), By Steven Gruzd
Posted to the web 1 September 2008


Africa faces a spate of parliamentary and presidential polls before the


Zimbabwe Standard (Harare), By Walter Marwizi
Posted to 1 September 2008

MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Friday vowed to resist any pressure to sign an agreement that does not reflect the...
Posted to the web 17 August 2008


South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki has urged Southern African leaders to use their annual summit this weekend to help settle Zimbabwe's political crisis.


Posted: 16 August 2008
By Omo Abinuwaiye

Angolan National Assembly Election

On 5 September 2008 the Angolan political parties and party coalitions will fight one another to secure seats in the


Swissinfo/Africa Link
Posted August 2008

Switzerland has been defending its race relations record before a United Nations committee that met last month in Geneva.

Summing up, the UN Committee on the