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At the African Infrastructure Development Partnership (AFIDEP), our sole aim is to promote cooperative working between international business and bankable African projects. We work tirelessly to assist both sides to recognise the potential and implement strategies that lead to long-term prosperous business relationships, which are key to helping Africa stand on its own two feet and move it away from the aid culture that has been propagated for so many years.

We are proud to announce the 3rd annual gathering in the name of a concept we call the African Development and Investment Convention (ADIC), which this year, will provide a platform for the exploration of opportunities in Africa in the sectors of Fintech, manufacturing, infrastructure, tourism and agriculture. We feel that these areas of commerce are key to moving African nations to a place of self-sustainability and putting their destiny firmly in their own hands.


Africa is one of the most amazingly diverse and stunningly beautiful places on earth and has much to offer to the field of tourism. Tourism is a sector that greatly contributes to the GDP in countries all around the world and the same goes for Africa. According to African Business Magazine, an incredible 33 million tourists visited the continent between 2013 and 2014, which clearly offers great opportunities to potential investors.

In fact, in South Africa alone, tourism contributes almost £25bn in revenue every year, which illustrates just how much potential and scope there is for improvement in the sector across Africa. The convention will discuss all aspects of tourism and also the measures that can be taken to use it as a tool for national development, triggering growth in other related areas.


Putting the necessary infrastructure in place prior to investment and increased trade is a vital part of the regeneration of Africa. It needs to be adequate to cope with the increased demands of international business and focussing on it is key to proving to the wider business world that Africa is open for business.


Fintech is one of the quickest growing areas in the world for venture capitalists and Africa is already something of a pioneer in this field, as can be seen with the success of MPESA, the telephone money transfer enterprise that uses this type of technology. Further development of this sector can only be a good thing for the African economy.


The manufacturing sector is another key area we feel that should form another pillar that a successful Africa is supported by. Countries like Tanzania, that achieved significant growth in manufacturing can be replicated in other areas of the continent to provide a welcome boost to overall economic growth and the production of jobs.


A prosperous Africa is one that has the infrastructure needed to feed itself and this year’s ADIC will focus on all of the fundamental factors that will lead to agriculture becoming a central part of the prosperity of many African member nations.

We feel that agricultural development goes hand in hand with national development and should be seen as one of the cornerstones of what we are all trying to achieve.

The Convention

This year’s convention is tailored towards supporting African governments to implement diversification policies, to include produce and processing opportunities and those who are serious about exploring new markets in Africa are welcome to join us in Kloten, Zurich on the 26th and 27th of October 2018.

The ultimate mission of ADIC is to simply investing in African business opportunities and provide a one stop platform for both African and international investors, businesses and entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate.

If you would like to find out more about what we do as AFIDEP you can register your interest by providing your details via our website or if you would like some more information about ADIC 2018, you can request more details by doing the same via this link

We look forward to hearing from you and would love to see you in Zurich. 

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