Kenyatta warns against politicising efforts to rid Kenya of corruption and economic crimes.

Africa Link Special Reports

President Uhuru Kenyatta today warned Kenyans against politicising the renewed efforts to rid the country of corruption and economic crimes.

Speaking at the UN Complex in Gigiri when he presided over the official opening of the US-Kenya Trade Conference, the tough talking Head of State said that his government’s crackdown on corruption will be intensified in coming days and reminded Kenyans that no one will be spared in the ongoing onslaught.

President Kenyatta reaffirmed his confidence in the investigating and prosecuting agencies tasked with fighting corruption and vowed not to defend anyone found culpable.

“This is not a fight of me against them, this is a fight against the vice that denies our people jobs. It is a fight against the vice that denies our people essential services. It is a vice that denies us of our ability to develop our country and to protect the next generation,” President Kenyatta opined.

President asked Kenyans to have confidence in the institutions entrusted with leading the war on corruption and economic crimes in the country as they step up their operations.

The Head of State pleaded for patience and reminded Kenyans that the war against corruption won’t be won overnight.

“I have full confidence in the agencies that we have to do the right job. People were there bashing my brother yesterday, I have said, if he is guilty and I say, let them charge him,” said the President.

The President made the remarks while responding to questions from participants at the conference and spoke in the context of improving the business environment for investors.

“We also understand that for private sector to thrive, it cannot thrive in an environment that is dominated by corruption, and that is why I am expressing my appreciation to all the partners including the US Government who have strongly  supported us in the war against corruption,” said the President.

“We will not turn back in this war. It is not targeted at an individual.”

The President’s remarks come in the wake of a massive Government crackdown on contraband goods by an inter-agency team that has netted huge shipments of illegally imported sugar confirmed not to be fit for human consumption.

The discovery of the contraband sugar and other commodities has led to the arrest and prosecution of several government officers among them the managing director of the Kenya Bureau of Standards.

The enhanced war on corruption also led to the arrest and prosecution of other senior government officials in recent weeks.

The US-Kenya Trade Conference is organised by the US Chamber of Commerce and attended by US Under-Secretary of Commerce Gilbert Kaplan who is leading a high-ranking delegation of 60 executives from the US President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa.