Togo: Reform moves into property registration.

Africa Link Special Reports

(Togo First) - At the end of 2019, the property registration process in Togo took only five days on the average, against eight at the beginning of the same year, recent data from the national land registration office shows.

According to the World Bank, the improvement is attributable to reforms introduced by the government to make Togo’s business environment more attractive. “The reforms improved transparency, reduced paperwork, and led to a better cost-efficiency in property registration,” said the institution that ranked Togo among the best eight African countries to have improved their policies and institutions in 2018. 

Hence, to maintain the performance it achieved at the end of 2019, authorities continue to pursue reforms. For example, they recently launched an e-Land platform enabling notaries and surveyors to handle land-related formalities online.

Séna Akoda