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[Ghanaian Times] A Radiographer at the Peace and Love Hospital, Ms GraceAnim, says there is no scientific proof that sucking the breast could cure or give one breast cancer.

[Shabait] Four patients have been diagnosed positive for COVID-19 in tests carried out today at Testing Station in the Central Region.

[] South Africa on Tuesday recorded 343 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total number of laboratory-confirmed cases to 3 993 004.

[Nyasa Times] Music icon Lucius Banda has hit back at allegations that he sidelined Nepman on a trip to US to perform during Malawi's 58th Independence Anniversary.

[Nyasa Times] Upcoming musician Black Icee Mc has unveiled ambitions to take music to higher levels.

[Addis Standard] Addis Abeba -- There is an amazing aura of jubilation in the air. Young and old alike, we are celebrating the life and legacy of our beloved Haacaaluu Hundeessaa on the anniversary of his assassination. The Halifax Regional Municipality in Nova Scotia Canada even named June 29 as Oromiya Day.

[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -- The UNESCO transforming education pre-summit kicks off in Paris this week, a time when global education stakeholders are talking about Prof. Michael Kremer and his team of US academics groundbreaking research, released at the recent Education World Forum in London last month.

[Nile Post] The recent statement by President Museveni to boost salaries for Science teachers, has raised a lot of unnecessary hullabaloo from politicians and arts-focused groups.

[Ghanaian Times] The World Bank provides zero-to-low-interest credits, low-interest loans, and grants to developing countries to support investments in such areas as education, health, public administration, infrastructure, financial and private-sector development, agriculture, and environmental and natural resource management.

[Nile Post] The ministry of Internal Affairs has issued an ultimatum to people who have not collected their passports informing them that they will be destroyed in two months.

[Daily News] It has been three years now since COVID-19 was officially declared a pandemic and in the course, tourism was one of the hardest-hit economic sectors.

[263Chat] The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) last week took part in the 2022 Edition of the Commonwealth Business Forum in Kigali, which sought to expand the authority's drive to create new tourism opportunities.

Germany has agreed to return trove of looted African colonial artifacts, including over 1,000 Benin Bronzes that will be repatriated to Nigeria.

As war rages, Ukraine's parliament is defending itself against the invaders with new laws banning Russian music and literature. Which authors can still be read? Who can still perform there? And what exceptions exist?

R&B singer R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison for leading a decades-long effort to recruit and trap teenagers and women for sex.

[New Times] The East African Business Council (EABC), the regional body for private sector associations has called for more efforts and enforcement in easing cross-border trade for women, especially those in the informal sector.

[The Conversation Africa] Childbearing has an impact on the health of women, and the impact grows with the number of times a woman has been pregnant for longer than 24 weeks. Pregnancy and breastfeeding put energy demands on a woman and can cause permanent changes to a mother's health.

[Seychelles News Agency] The governor of the Central Bank of Seychelles (CBS), Caroline Abel, is the new chairperson of the Africa Financial Inclusion Policy (AfPI) and the first woman to assume this position, the bank said on Monday.

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