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[Shabait] Massawa. -At an assessment meeting conducted in Massawa on 17 January it was reported that successful measles and rubella vaccination and Vitamin A distribution was conducted in the Northern Red Sea region.

[Monitor] The pig farmers in Masaka District are counting losses following an outbreak of African swine fever that has claimed a number of animals in the area.

[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -People with disabilities have a potential of undertaking successful ventures if they make full use of their talents, it was said in Dar es Salaam yesterday.

[Zimbabwe Standard] It is hard to classify Afro pop star Ex-Q's long-lasting success in the music industry as either due to consistency, hard work or sheer luck, but the Nzenza hit maker has not only survived, but kept a significant percentage of music lovers hooked to his sound.

[Zimbabwe Standard] After the successful April 28 Big Bira concert which was held at Glamis Arena in Harare last year, Entertainment Republic were encouraged to bring back Thomas Mapfumo for a second running. This time it was not to be in Harare only, but throughout Zimbabwe. Whether the promoters, due to the success of the April gig in Harare, over-estimated the popularity of Mapfumo throughout Zimbabwe or they thought that people in other towns needed Mapfumo, is a question left unanswered. Eight cities and towns -- namely

[Zimbabwe Standard] Listening to Afro-fusion musician Braveman "Baba Harare" Chizvino's highly-anticipated album Ramba Wakadzvanya, which was released last week, is a mind-numbing experience and coming from a musician enjoying the sort of attention he has been of late, he needs to rethink a few things.

[Monitor] Kampala -At least 96 primary schools that were listed among the worst performers in 2017 Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) have made a turnaround in the 2018 results.

[Monitor] Kampala -Private schools operators have protested a government proposal to enact a policy that would regulate tuition fees in learning institutions.

[] The third annual Basic Education Lekgotla kicks off in Boksburg, Ekurhuleni, this morning.

[Monitor] Kampala -Tourism Police has been ordered to guard popular city hangouts and hotels that are common destinations for foreign tourists and high profile people following the terror attack on a Kenya hotel last week.

[News24Wire] South Africa experienced a marginal increase in travellers over the festive season compared to the same period last year, the Department of Home Affairs says.

[Observer] Mrs. Pinky Bemah Goll, a farmer, is seeking to boost agriculture and tourism in the mangrove swamp along the Robertsfield Highway, Montserrado County, as part of her stake in the Liberian economy. Therefore, she is seeking partnership from the public or private sector.

[ENA] Addis Ababa -A two-day workshop aimed at understanding the challenges faced across the African continent to access digital information opened at Ethiopian National Archives and Library Agency (ENALA) hall today.

[Vanguard] Talking about books, there are certain qualities that come to play. It is not just about the cover, the contents and messages therein that distinguish real books from ordinary books.

[Nation] Margaret Muthee is a journalist by profession and a creative writer. She is the author of A Season for Mending, a short story collection e-book published by Bahati Books.

[Swenga] Maputo -The worldwide #MeToo movement in the last two years has brought renewed attention to the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. Such sexual harassment has been identified as a form of gender-based violence at work that is an organisational, criminal, and ethical issue.

[Daily Trust] A team of five Kenyan schoolgirls yesterday received the Daily Trust the African of the Year award for 2018.

[Malawi News Agency] Mangochi -Despite efforts by authorities to sensitise communities to report sexual assaults, most individuals in Mangochi still do not report such cases to authorities for purposes of prosecution.

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