Ethiopia: University to Commence Medicinal Herbs Clinical Trial

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Debre Birhan University announced that it has finalized preparations to commence clinical trial on four medicinal herbs. The university has been engaging in producing skin disease herbal medicine.

Ankober Herbal Medicine Preparation and Biodiversity Conservation Project Director Dr. Amare Ayalew told The Ethiopian Herald that the university has been carrying out various trials on endangered herbs.

Four herbs including Eucalyptus Globules, Chamomile, Thyme and Rosemary are identified in-terms of oil, cream and herbal soft for being effective during microbial measurement, he said.

The Pre-Clinical trial has almost finished on lab using rats and guinea pea. The clinical trial would be taken place soon on voluntary people at hospital within two months, he added.

"Currently, the university is recruiting experts to take training on clinical trial supervision and operations. The trials will be conducted soon either at Black Lion or St. Paulos hospitals."

According to him, the country need extra effort to tap its herbal medicine potential coordinating traditional healers and pharmacists.

The university would toil to become an excellence center in medicinal herbs by doing so the sector could bring foreign currency, Dr. Amare noted.

Chemistry Lecturer and Project Coordinator Yoseph Shiferaw for his part said since 2005 EC ,the project has conducted a wide range of activities in salvaging endangered medicinal herbs and protecting traditional healers.

He said currently the project has three labs focus on probing chemical composition of herbs, efficacy, and toxicity as well as carrying out pre-clinical trials.

As to him, the labs are helpful in identifying herbs, labeling the herbs with date of harvesting and biological efficacy ,among others. Regarding to identifying herbs ,Yoseph said: " We work together with the traditional healers."

The university has been operating the project together with Increasing People Opportunity (IPO), Ankober Development Association and the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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