South Africa:As Third Term Begins, the Crisis of Broken Schools Remains Unresolved

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analysis By Rebecca Davis

Makangwane Secondary School in Limpopo is in such a derelict condition that in January 2018, a classroom's corrugated iron roof blew off and nearly injured pupils. The Department of Education admitted that the school is "uninhabitable", yet took no action to improve it. With schools reopening now for the third term, pupils are being taught in mobile classrooms that have only arrived because a court ordered the government to provide them. On Tuesday, the Bhisho High Court postponed judgment on a matter that may prevent future cases like that of Makangwane.

"When I was in Grade 10 the wooden beam from the roof fell in," says 18-year old Petronella Hlako.

Conditions in Limpopo's Makangwane Secondary School would only deteriorate further - to the point where lessons had to take place under trees outside.

"We didn't even have a chalkboard to write on. When we sat down we didn't have desks to write on, and our papers would be blown around by the wind, other learners would be making a noise and there are animals roaming around."

Hlako, captured in a video by advocacy group Section27, says:...

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