Kenya:Author Launches Children's Book on Obama's Visit

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By Victor Otieno

An author has launched a children's book based on former US President Barack Obama's visit to his native K'Ogelo village.

The book titled Obama's Bed, which calls for cohesion among Kenyans, was launched yesterday at K'Ogelo Resort Centre. The centre is located a few metres from the Sauti Kuu Foundation Sports, Resource and Vocational Training Centre that Mr Obama will open today.

The writer, Mr Andrew Maina, said he launched the book during Obama's visit to ensure the message of cohesion reaches many people.

"The book has a powerful message about cohesion, which we wanted to reach as many people as possible. So we were looking at how best to make people know about it," said the author.

While children are the book's main target audience, Mr Maina noted that it can also be read by adults. He said he was motivated by last year's disputed general election that left the country divided. In the book, a young girl named Wanjiku from Mt Kenya together with others from different regions set off for a visit to Mama Sarah Obama's home under a programme she runs. They make several stopovers interacting with people from other communities.

Mr Maina said through the book, he intends to expose learners on the importance of togetherness at a young age, hoping that the message will bring long lasting unity among Kenyans.

"People have stereotyped other communities and put them in certain boxes. We want to bring them out of these boxes and spread the good will that no matter where you come from you can live everywhere in the country," he said.

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