Summit on OECD initiative on global value chains, held in Paris

Africa Link Reports

The Directorate of Studies and Financial Forcasts in the Ministry of Economy and Finance, represented by its Director, Mr. Mounssif Aderkaoui, took part in the 10th plenary session of the OECD initiative on global value chains, held in Paris from June 26 to 27 2018. 

The meeting was also attended by Mr. Obaid Amrane, member of MASEN Executive Board, who presented the successful experience of Morocco in the field of the development of renewable energy.

In his speech during the peer learning group meeting of the production transformation policy review of Colombia, Mr. Aderkaoui, stressed the strong-willed progress made by Morocco during the last decade regarding structural transformation and sector and market diversification with a growing focus on the African continent.

He also underlined the progress of the foreign direct investments in Morocco, especially in the Sectors of industry. In his presentation, he also outlined Morocco’s experience in the development of automotive industry included in the global value chains.

It is to be recalled that the OECD initiative on the global value chains is a platform for policy dialogue and knowledge sharing between countries representing the five continents.

It aims at improving evidence and identifying policy guidelines to promote development through the transformation of production processes, modernisation and a better participation in global value chains.