Sophia Bekele: 6th Winner of Africa Link Solidarity Award 2018

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Ms. Sophia Bekele, Founder and CEO DotConnectAfrica Group was nominated and approved by Africa Link Solidarity Award committee for Award in the category of Champion of Development in Africa for her Pan African Miss.Africa Digital initiative.

Ms Bekele, was accordingly informed, but her acceptance letter was not received by the time the winners of the award were made public last Tuesday.

On Wednesday, her Personal Assistant Nancy Kamau in her email to Africa Link conveyed Ms. Bekele’s acceptance of the Award stating: “Ms. Bekele has received your notification and is very pleased, humbled and grateful to accept the award and to join past recipients.”

She further stated in the e-mail that she (Ms. Bekele) regards the award as an excellent morale-booster that will encourage her to continue to her best to encourage the development of ICT’s in Africa. 

The Pan African Miss.Africa Digital initiative is a STEM program that is the first of its kind that targets young females throughout the African continent which offers grants to support and empower women and girls in ICT sector to increase their personal involvement in early technology use adoption and innovation. It promotes them with the sole aim of improving their digital self-awareness and empowerment to actually funding their dreams.

Hundreds of young women and girls – Africa’s future IT experts - have benefited from training opportunities or applications supported by the Miss.Africa Seed Funding. The Annual Seed Fund competition is a critical financial support to this programme.

Grants are given across the African continent to women and girls that have created, nurtured and submitted solid projects which use the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields. The grant assists these women to further support expansion or launch their own initiatives. 

The objective is to increase the women’s footprint in Africa using digital opportunities with respect to high tech jobs and leadership roles. 

The Award committee once again congratulates Ms. Bekele, and accepts her as one of the recipients to be honoured at the 5th Edition of the award ceremony in September.