“Oceane”: Delance Lady Watch New Collection

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Giselle Rufer, the Swiss creator of the unique women’s wrist watch DELANCE has unveiled a new fantastic collection christened OCEANE in June during the WIntrade week in London, and also in Switzerland at Hotel Baur au Lac, Zurich on 8 September on Luxury Day where luxury products were on display; among them were silk scarf, watches, jewelries, perfumes

She spoke impressively about the new products elegantly displayed. Below is the attribute of Oceane Collection. The watches, she said, can be created to individual taste and vision “to remind the woman who wears it of her endless talents.” She intends to launch it in November in Switzerland. Stay tuned to Africalink for further information about the launch.


DELANCE has created a collection of engraved, jeweled watches inspired by the mighty ocean that is at times gentle and calm, at another strong and powerful. Each watch in the 'Ocean' collection reflects the spirit of each woman as embodied in her own personal ocean.

A highly symbolic DELANCE watch collection

DELANCE has created a collection of engraved, jeweled watches inspired by the mighty ocean depicting ocean nature which is at times gentle and calm, at others strong and powerful. Each watch in the 'Oceane' collection also reflects the spirit of each woman as embodied in her own personal ocean.

Created individually by artists who are experts in their field, each DELANCE in the Ocean collection reminds the woman who is wearing it of her endless talents. Yours will be created according to your vision and will be as unique as you are.

The spirit of a woman

The company DELANCE was created in 1996 in Macolin, Switzerland by Mrs. Giselle Rufer and is still run by its founder with passion and unlimited enthusiasm. Giselle Rufer has created a timepiece symbolizing the life and dreams of today’s active woman.

An elegant sculpture

Distinctive, always the same, yet different for each woman, this magical timepiece discretely reflects the personal story of the woman who wears it. After 21 years of existence and having created hundreds of personalized watches, DELANCE has gained the reputation of an exclusive watch brand listening to its clients and meeting their highest expectations.

The silent mentor

For the woman he has discovered in the sea of coral, he has created this DELANCE set with a tiny stone the color of coral. Discreet and delicate, “Coralline” is a symbol of her love of the sea. The rose orange sapphire, in its engraved casing, is the magical place of her memories.

Often created by a man, the watch becomes a symbol and a pledge of his love and worship for the woman. It is her silent mentor that accompanies her every moment and in every situation. A DELANCE watch is telling everything without words. 

A unique shape

Its diamond shape, the universal symbol of life, is encircled by the loop of infinity that links the north to the south, the masculine to the feminine. Inspired by this symbolism, Giselle Rufer designed a series of watches with themes dear to a woman’s heart and to the man who loves her. Gems set and engravings express events of importance, which took place in the past, such as the birth of a woman’s children, special dates and memories.

A personalized timepiece

Since 1996, DELANCE offers emotionally and aesthetically personalised watches for women.

The form never changes, yet the watch is unique for each woman. It tells her story, her dreams, her tastes and her personal values through her choice of engravings, set gemstones and enamel, which symbolically enhance the watch itself or the bracelet.

The watchcase

All these ways of personalising the DELANCE are possible because the gold or massive steel watchcase cut from a block of metal; a full 41 successive operations are required to unveil all its subtlety. A veritable masterpiece of refinement, created thanks to savoirfaire and innovative technology. The sapphire face, an invisible jewel, completes its impeccable beauty.


Ondine: Genie of the Waters

All gold, DELANCE watch Ondine engraved with waves and set with four sapphires and six emeralds, with a blue green mother of pearl face. It is finished with a bracelet of gold strands, reminiscent of Ondine’s hair floating in the dark waters of the ocean.

 Doris: Sensitive and intelligent

DELANCE watch Doris is just like her. The casing is carved with waves, with two little diamonds indicating the times of the birth of her children. And it is completed with a bracelet which is a waterfall of gold threads.


Display at the Luxury Day held at Hotel Baur au Lac Zurich


Coralline: The energy of life

For the woman he has discovered in the sea of coral, he has created this DELANCE set with a tiny stone the color of coral. Discreet and delicate, “Coralline” is a symbol of her love of the sea. The rose orange sapphire, in its engraved casing, is the magical place of her memories.

Marina: Water source of life

Engraved by hand by an artist, the unique character of this DELANCE is assured. The eye is drawn to two palm trees at the edge of the water and dreams are born. The association between the water and the palm tree symbolises the power of life and motherhood.

Ulla: Water’s strength

She withstands the force of the storm because she believes in herself and in the power of her sacred femininity. She is guided in all things by her intuition. The amethyst is her stone and her lucky number, six. These are her spiritual symbols

Indra: Sunshine and moonlight

Indra withstands the rain. She fends it off with her DELANCE watch. This passionate woman with a strong personality keeps her cool in every situation. Businesswoman or artist, her DELANCE is her talisman. Her white and yellow gold watch is the subtle symbol of her wealth of talents.

Noa: Star of the sea

My daughter, my star, my mermaid, I nurtured the little girl but now I watch the young woman go. You grew up so fast, I did not see the years pass by and now you are going to the other side of the ocean. Take with you the watch that I have envisaged for you.

Ocean: Declaration of love

Four red suns for four seasons, or the gentle fall of the sun into the sea. He has chosen to tell of their evening walk by the sea and their wonder at the sun setting behind the waves. The DELANCE Ocean carries within it a declaration of love.





A watch for a woman…. A feminine watch. A symbol stronger than thousand words

  The symbol of infinity links the feminine and the masculine for all eternity.

Bold and sensual, generous and discreet, soft and strong, classic and contemporary, the DELANCE is a TALISWOMAN, a unique watch that symbolises the universal story of women.

The Symbolism

With its soft lines and delicate curves, the DELANCE subtly symbolises the values that women hold dear. The diamond shape is the universal symbol of life. The spiral at the zenith represents water, the moon, the feminine. The stone at the nadir represents fire, the sun, the masculine. The resulting sign of infinity binds the masculine and feminine together in universal harmony.            

The Excellence

A timepiece par excellence created by women, the DELANCE is a sign of their many talents. Only the finest materials, the best parts, and the most talented craftswomen have been chosen to realize this small and so divinely feminine masterpiece

The interchangeability - customization

A DELANCE is recognisable at a glance. It comes in two basic sizes and two types of materials, either 18K gold or steel. Add to that, a choice of 20 dials, 20 interchangeable cabochons, a multitude of bracelets, and a large choice of precious set stones and the combinations are endless. The cabochons and bracelets can be interchanged at the flick of a finger.




The Personnalisation

The speciality of DELANCE is to make each watch a unique piece that tells the story of each woman who wears it.

By engraving the case, by setting precious stones evoking special moments, each woman can create her own DELANCE. Each man can also create one for the woman of his life, to offer her a unique timepiece that will transmit his message of love and recognition.

“A unique watch for a magic woman, a magic watch for a unique woman”

The Watch: Symbol of excellence - Technical specifications


ETA 976.001 quartz, or a Piguet 8.10 manual winding mechanical caliber, possibility of skeleton movement. Five-years guarantee.


Curved diamond shape, carved from a single block of 2N 18K gold or 316 LS stainless steel, with a scratch-resistant cambered sapphire crystal and screw-in transparent sapphire crystal case back. The crown is in gold or steel depending on the case, which is water-resistant to 30 meters. The watches are available in two sizes (23 mm or 26 mm diameter).

The hand carved case, in either gold or steel. The arched shape of the diamond case follows the natural and delicate curve of a woman’s wrist. The cascading bracelet rounds out the beauty of the timepiece.


At 6 o’clock, interchangeable pyramid in gold or steel stone set or not (a wide selection of stones is available). It may be personalized with a special stone or miniature engraving.

Stone setting

The choice is infinite, either custom selected or from our wide variety of precious stones, including sapphires of all colours and top Wesselton diamonds.


Mother-of-pearl: White, blue, pink, or green, with a cabochon index at 12 o’clock. It is available on demand, with one, four or twelve diamonds. Worked metal: Silvered or coppered four cabochon indices and eight pearls.


Fan-shaped, domed and rounded, gold plated or nickel-plated.

DELANCE watches are 100% manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with specifications for the top of the range of fine timepieces. DELANCE proposes three types of bracelets all adaptable to the case.


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