South Sudan: Business Firms Cross Their Fingers the Latest South Sudan Peace Deal Will Hold

Business leaders and analysts have greeted the signing of the peace agreement by South Sudan leaders with cautious optimism, given that nine other accords signed in the past 20 months were not honoured.

Regional businesses with operations in the country have watched helplessly as...

Botswana: Fossil Fuels Are Dead, Long Live Fossil Fuels - Options for Economic Diversification


SAIIA Research Report No 20, August 2015

Governance of Africa's Resources Programme

Botswana is at a critical historical juncture. It has enjoyed a stable democracy since 1965 and strong, quality economic growth for the last few decades.

However, the diamond revenues on which the...

Africa: As the Need for Power Surges, Are Small - or Big - Dams the Answer?

Stockholm — To provide more clean energy, particularly in fast-growing Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, the world needs more hydropower dams, energy experts say.

But a surge in building of big dams is also leading to poor people being displaced and losing rights to water - something that...