Somalia: Hormuud Telecom plans full 4G coverage by 2023

Africa Link Special Reports

(Ecofin Agency) - Mobile operator Hormuud Telecom plans to increase its 4G telecom coverage to 100% by 2023. Ahmed Mohamud Yuusuf, the company's chief executive officer, announced the program last  8 July.

According to the manager, the company's ambition is to further improve people's access to broadband, which offers more opportunities than the 2G that many Somalis are still connected to. "Increasing access to 4G internet is essential for Somalia to achieve its goal of becoming a cashless economy [...] Access to broadband data is now a human right. It is a fundamental requirement for developing countries to provide vital services such as international aid and remittances, as well as to support day-to-day business activity." The expansion of the 4G network will be more concentrated in rural areas.

In 2019, the Government of Somalia, through its Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Technology, adopted a national ICT strategy to make connectivity the bedrock for social and economic development and a pillar for public efficiency. On 27 March this year, when it was awarded the country's first mobile money license, Hormuud Telecom, which claims to be a pioneer of innovation in the Somali telecoms market, pledged to support the government in its digital ambitions for the country.

With a national 4G coverage, Hormuud Telecom is not only targeting better access to the digital world for Somali populations but also reserves a larger subscriber base that will generate new financial revenues in a market it competes with Golis Telecom, Telesom, SomNet, Somtel, SomLink, and Nationlink.

Muriel Edjo