It only took one bite from an apple to launch the eternal struggle of good-versus-evil. It began when a snake aka devil slithered its way into the Garden of Eden, but throughout history a litany of villains emerged to represent evil.

At a glance, Hoa Luu recognized the doctor’s office phone number. For a moment she paused, suppressing the familiar longing and excitement. But minutes into the call, she knew the truth. Her pregnancy results were negative once again. Hoa felt numb. How long could she endure the endless cycle procedures and tests? And what if she never had a baby? 

Lying facedown, Joy Machunga was prepared to die. Her leg throbbed after being brutally kicked, but she did not dare to move. Shots sounded overhead, and Joy prayed in silence. “I just said, ‘Lord, take control.’ ” 

The Thomas Family (Photo BSF)


Toward the end of our first year of marriage, my husband and I made an agreement that forever changed our relationship. We decided that no matter how angry we felt, we would never again suggest we had married the wrong person.

As I picked up the phone, I knew something was wrong. My wife was crying. The doctor had just pronounced our 2-year-old son profoundly deaf, a diagnosis that informed us of his inability to hear.  We had no perspective on how to process this diagnosis, just that the doctor said he would never effectively enter the hearing or deaf communities, and it was scary.

I am not typically an angry person. I even received the Gentle in Spirit Award as a young Christian camp counselor. But if you scan my browser history, you will find a recently read an article titled “Why Has Quarantine Made Me So Angry?” 

Peace is something that so many of us long for and look for, particularly in what our world has been through these last few months.

Some people may think of God as someone who might change His mind at any time about whether He will be merciful. But if you follow Jesus, you can EXPECT forgiveness from your heavenly Father! No need to doubt or question or worry.

God is love! If I am made in His image, then loving must be my attribute, unless I refuse to acknowledge my new creation reality. So, of necessity, I am love. I am not to try to love because His love has been shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit. It is part of the redemption package. It’s a restoration reality.


I have learned that as a Christian, it’s best to learn the character side of Christianity first before the charisma side.

How much more will God give good things to those that ask Him? We’re limited in our understanding; we’re limited in our ability in comparison with God. There is no comparison!

We can read the Bible all we want, but if we are not picking up the true meaning of what God is trying to convey to us, we might as well be reading a fairy tale. There is a sharp contrast between the Old and New Testaments, and it can be seen as “before the cross” and “after the cross.”